Friday, March 16, 2012

Free Airtel Browser Official Trick

Hello! friends i'm Sanju and today i'm giving you a latest official airtel free net browser.............
 and today Sachin also complete his 100 satak..........

You Only Do 5 Step After Download this browser... called vnap browser

1. First Open Browser and then Click on Setting and then click on Options.
2. Then go to Url Handler Tap (like in screenshot )
3. Then you see Front Queary and you see "Disabled" in it. Now "Enabled" it...
4. Now, Enter Front Queary ( All Front Query in below list). Now Any of these in list..  and save it..
5. NOW,, Final Step very very Important...(Enjoy guys your Free Internet)

Want More Proxy


1.This Trick not Support SSL Sites like (gmail,yahoomail,facebook)
2.This Also Work in 2G and in 3G +3.5G  
3.Working like paid net fast and fast Browsing.. 
4.Some time have download Problem But You Also use IDM..

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